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SPC Christopher Moon

July 21, 2012
This week’s American Hero is United States Army Specialist Christopher Moon of Tucson, AZ. His story has been told by his brother-in-arms, Chris Rush. We would like to express our appreciation to Chris Rush for his ability and willingness to reflect on his brother and share with us.
Army SPC Christopher James Moon of Tucson, AZ.  Assigned to Scout Platoon, HHC 2/508th PIR, 4 BCT, 82nd ABN Div.  On July 6, 2010, he sustained multiple injuries from an IED attack while on a foot patrol in the Arghandab River Valley, Khandahar, Afghanistan. Chris fought hard, but past away July 13, 2010 at the age of 20.  Following high school Chris was looking at a late round draft pick by the Atlanta Braves, but decided to attend college instead.  He then gave up a full ride scholarship to play baseball at the University of Arizona to serve his country.  He was not only an outstanding baseball player, but a great soldier respected by all. Chris completed Sniper School at the age of 19 and effectively used those skills on the battlefield in Afghanistan.  Upon the end of the 12 month deployment he looked foward to seeing his family and friends in Tucson.  He was a role model to his peers and younger kids, admired for his selfless service.  Following his service in the Army, Chris spoke of returning to the game of baseball as a player or coach.  He will be remembered as a beloved son, brother, uncle, cousin, friend, and brother in arms.
To me he was a younger brother.  I couldn’t have asked for a better person to have by my side in combat.  The things he accomplished by the age of 20 is amazing.  His ability to adapt to different environments, excell during any situation and help fellow comrades is what made him stand out as a person.
Others in his platoon wrote:
“In my mind Moon was the type of guy that excelled at everything he did.  He had limitless potential.  He was the type of guy that you could expect great things from and knew that he wouldn’t disappoint you.  It takes special breed to be a Sniper in the US Army.  It was a true honor to be able to watch him grow and develop into one of the best Snipers that I’ve ever served with in my 8 year career.”  –  Anthony Farnsworth
“I viewed Moon like a brother..No matter what the circumstances were I honestly can’t remember Moon having a bad attitude.  He never lacked motivation, ever.”  – Adam Espinoza
The following was written by SPC Moon’s mother and family:
I believe God blesses those who know Him and seek him. Chris accepted Christ as a young boy and understood the meaning of putting his trust in God which displayed his willingness to believe in something bigger than himself. In his bedroom he has this Bible verse hanging on his wall; Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. As a Native Warrior he had strength, bravery, protection, and spiritual guidance only a warrior can relate too. Chris was an exceptional person who liked challenges and who always faced them with a positive attitude, whether it was playing with friends, being with family, going to school, playing baseball or other sports, and serving in the military. Chris will be missed by the many people he has impacted throughout his life. We thank you Chris for being a wonderful son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, and friend. You will always be remembered of your courageous and selfless actions and will always be OUR HERO. We thank our Heavenly Father who has blessed us with a beautiful son. We continue to hold true to our Father’s promise that we will be united with Chris and all our loved ones in heaven, someday. God continues to give us strength, comfort, and hope. God has been gracious to let us feel Chris from day to day, through the wind, the rain, and to see his smile in the rainbows. As you reflect on life, I pray there is an appreciation for your country that we live in. Always to remember the sacrifices that is made every day by men and woman in the military. Whether you agree or disagree with the US being in Afghanistan or Iraq, you cannot discount the brave men and women that serve our country, like Chris, and are willing to sacrifice it all to serve. Blessings from a Proud Gold Star Mother & Family, Marsha & Brian Moon.
Today, Chris lies in eternal rest at East Lawn Palms Cemetery in Tucson, Arizona. His family asks that you simply celebrate his life and remember him as he was. We ask you to remember him as an American Hero.
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