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Meet the Team


Dustin DeMoss
Dustin DeMoss is a veteran of the Air Force. He founded the American Hero Project with Clint Davis after seeing so many memes on Facebook about how fallen heroes do not get the same recognition as celebrities. So from that point he had a mission to help recognize fallen heroes in the media and on the internet for them to get the recognition they deserve and honor their sacrifice. Dustin serves Oklahoma’s veterans by being on the Veterans Committee of the Oklahoma Democrat Party and as Vice-Chair of the Veterans Caucus of the Young Democrats of Oklahoma. You can contact him at







Clint Davis
Clint Davis is a veteran of the United States Navy, the Oklahoma Army National Guard and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Stationed aboard the amphibious USS Nassau (LHA4) Clint had the pleasure of serving with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit and Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 263. Today,  he’s a proud veteran, dedicated to honoring the fallen and a training instructor for an international corporation. He is a single father of a 12 year old son and a 4 year old daughter and lives in eastern Oklahoma. You can contact Clint at







 Chad Simpson

Chad Simpson is a veteran of the U.S. Army, went to Roland High School and graduated in 1996. Chad joined the Army that July and stayed in for 5 years. He did a deployment to Bosnia in 2000 with the 3rd ACR. He got out in July of 2001 then went to college at NSU in Tahlequah. Chad now works for Armstrong Bank in Sallisaw,OK as a loan officer and is a volunteer fireman for the Liberty community north of Roland, OK. He has been married to his beautiful wife Carrie for 13 years and has two kids , Rachel is 8 and Drew is 4. You can contact Chad at



One Comment
  1. LaVerne Kalafor permalink

    Hello! I am so proud of you men doing such an honorable service to these fallen heros! It makes their service so real to hear what happened and how they sacrificed their life for us. It is a tribute to them and their families.

    My husband survived Vietnam, serving in the late 60’s. He died in 2009 after many many years of what I now realize was PTSD and medical health problems that he fought silently. He too was a hunter and a volunteer fireman (until he could not do it any more.) It made me smile to see and hear this from you!

    Ron was the most bravest and good hearted man anyone could ever want to meet. He had many friends. When he was in Nam at one point they thought he died due to heavy casualty reported. His parents were so upset about news in the media. They did not heaer for days or weeks they said. However he later he learned, one other, survived an ambush. He served proudly in the Army… a member of the Black Horse Battalion. I still get a Newsletter they send to the house. He was so proud of his service but dissappointed by how little our Country was in support of the sacrifices that were made.
    He never made it to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington. Something he dreamed about but also afraid he would be too overwhelmed when he got there….. I loved him dearly and he has been my American Hero.

    He passed with lung cancer and was brave until the end.
    Thank you for letting me share…Thank you for creating this site……. Love to all! LaVerne

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