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Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

American Hero Project will be a leading organization in the promotion of stories of the United States fallen heroes, military men and women that lost their lives in battle. The project will seek to honor them in a dignified and respectful manner to highlight their sacrifices and remind the American public of them. We will endeavor to reach out to their families and fellow military brothers and sisters in order to gather stories about them and their hopes, aspirations, dreams.



The American Hero Project was founded in 2012 starting with a Facebook page as a way to remember the fallen. There have been many memes on Facebook associated with the decline the media gives to air stories of fallen soldiers and that is a valid point, therefore, we are seeking to rectify the lack of attention that fallen soldiers receive. We will honor their sacrifices in a dignified manner and give their life a story. This website and the Facebook group is dedicated to the fallen heroes of all wars.

The American Hero Project was founded by Dustin DeMoss (an Air Force veteran) and Clint Davis (a veteran of the Navy and Oklahoma Army National Guard). They both envision American Hero Project becoming a non-profit dedicated to remembering fallen heroes from all wars and promoting veteran’s issues at the same time.


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