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American Hero Project Pays Honor to Young Fallen Marine – 1st Lt. Andrew

With one fallen serviceman or servicewoman being remembered each week, the American Hero Project is currently
paying tribute to 1st Lt. Andrew Stern, a young man who has changed the lives of so many since giving his life for his
country eight years ago.

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Sallisaw, Oklahoma – The American Hero Project is a website with just one simple cause; to honor and remember
service people who have given the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of their country. One fallen service member is
honored each week – with the site’s current attention turned towards a very special friend of many.

1st Lt. Andrew Stern was just twenty four years old when he died on September 16 th 2004, in Iraq’s Al Anbar

The Tennessee native graduated from the State’s University in 2001 before diligently working to become a
respected Platoon Commander within the Marine Corps’ Third Platoon, B Company, 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Marine
Division of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force.

His story was submitted to the American Hero Project by Brandon Daws. As Daws explains, the day of Lt. Stern’s
death started out like any other.

“I didn’t know the name Andrew Stern before September 16th” Explains Daws, himself a Marine Corp Veteran.

He continues, “Lt Stern was commanding a tank platoon that was in charge of security for the engineer company I
was attached to. We were building a bypass road on the north side of Fallujah, Iraq.”

That day, their heavy construction platoon was tasked with creating a secondary access route to the City, following
the insurgency’s attempts to blow up the main highway’s bridges.

“At around 11:15am , Sgt. Nick Brewer and myself noticed a large canister on the side of the road. We were about
to move it from our work area when Sgt. Brewer noticed something inside of it that appeared to be wired artillery
rounds” Daws explains.

Upon further inspection, the platoon concluded that the canister was an Improvised Explosive Device.

“Sgt. Brewer radioed the IED to the Marine tank unit that was providing security and I began alerting other

equipment operators to get back and away from the area. 1lt. Stern had his tank driver move his tank to the
location, placing it between the device and the equipment operators” Daws adds.

The equipment being operated that morning contained no armor protection. In light of this, Daws and the rest of
the Platoon firmly believe that Lt. Stern’s actions protected the loss of many more lives.

He describes the moment Lt. Stern got into trouble:

“Just as I dismounted a piece of equipment, all I remember seeing was a bright flash followed by the intense
pressure of the blast wave. The IED had detonated. I was hit with shrapnel, but survived. 1lt. Stern took an almost
direct hit from the blast as he was looking down from the top of the tank trying to affirm that it was an explosive

The Marine Corps Public Affairs office released official details of Lt. Stern’s death the following day, formally
announcing that the Marine’s ashes were to be interred at Arlington Nation Cemetery in Virginia.

Daws has had almost a decade to reflect on the incident which changed his life forever. Upon reflection, he is
confident that the actions of Lt. Stern that morning served to preserve the lives of many more in their Platoon.

“I truly believe that had the tank not been placed where 1lt. Stern instructed it to be, there would have been a
greater loss of lives that day. 1lt. Andrew K. Stern was 24 years old on the day he gave his life for his country.”

To read more about the life and sacrifice of Lt. Andrew Stern, as well learn about the lives, dreams and aspirations
of other fallen service people, please visit:


The American Hero Project was founded in 2012 starting with a Facebook page as a way to remember the fallen.

There have been many memes on Facebook associated with the decline the media gives to air stories of fallen
soldiers and that is a valid point, therefore, we are seeking to rectify the lack of attention that fallen soldiers

We will honor their sacrifices in a dignified manner and give their life a story. This website and the Facebook group
are dedicated to the fallen heroes of all wars.


Dustin DeMoss: Co-Founder

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